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InfoLink is one of the industry's most respected leaders in telecommunications account management. Since 1997, we've been improving telecommunication operations across the nation and saving our clients both time and money. The InfoLink team has the knowledge that delivers increased operational efficiency; the experience to alleviate challenged telecommunication departments; and the power to produce substantial savings.

With InfoLink, clients find they can once again focus on their core business instead of burning the clock on outages and other telecom issues. After outsourcing to us, they typically see a 70% increase in efficiency. And they watch their telecommunication bills plummet by 25% or more. For clients , that equates to six-figure savings.

And now, through the YourLink Portal, you have the ability to house your important telecom information which may include:

  • Wireline Circuit Information
  • Wireless Devices and Numbers
  • Signed Contracts and SLAs
  • C.P.E. and Maintenance Contract Information
  • Contract Expiration

Our technology and telecom efficiencies have not replaced communicating with you; something that we feel is essential when helping our clients. The YourLink Portal is directly linked to our Telecom Client Care Desk. How much time do you spend with customer service dealing with billing problems, opening a service ticket, or just trying to obtain some type of status on your order? Service is now simplified through The Telecom Client Care Desk. Our industry experts are working for you to get quick resolutions, allowing you to focus on your business.

Some of the issues our Telecom Client Care Desk can help with include:

  • Billing Issues
  • Moves, Additions, Changes
  • Trouble Ticket Management
  • Project Management

Through our Telecom Client Care Desk, customers can view their status in real-time and know that our experts are working diligently to get answers. InfoLink’s success has been based on handling all of our clients’ telecom related issues, focusing on quick results and superior customer care.

It’s time to meet InfoLink. Our knowledge is your power.


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