What is Managed Mobility Services?

Managed mobility services help companies get on top of the lifecycle of mobile devices, from procurement through paying bills. MMS lets companies centralize the management of the devices while supporting self-service to get employees set up.

The centralized platform makes administration easier, but the key benefit comes from insight into usage and charges. MMS offers companies a real-time view of utilization and charges as they’re incurred. This means there are no surprises at the end of the billing cycle, and you can actually intervene in cases of excess usage to manage and minimize expenses.

Why MMS?

Infolink provides a simple and fast way for companies to manage mobile user spend, security and support from a single platform. With an intuitive UI that’s loved by users, Infolink brings the enterprise the first, true end-to-end, BYOD friendly, mobility management platform, combining real-time usage, device, and expense management into a flexible “user-first” system.

Deployed in days and built for administrators and end-users alike, Infolink clients see real ROI immediately, relieving IT resources for higher priority tasks, while decreasing mobility expenses. Infolink's unique combination of technology and expert services ensure results providing a scalable mobility solution for companies of all sizes.

One Empowering Solution:

              •         Reporting

         Asset Management

         Change Management

         Optimization & Expense Management

         Self Service Help Desk

         Invoice Management

For consideration  

              •         Device fulfillment


        Mobile optimization services

Technology & Customer Service

Infolink MMS platform seamlessly combines service with technology to ensure you get the best result.

              •         Having trouble figuring something out, just give us a ring and we’ll help

              •         Live monthly account reviews with a help guide your mobile strategy, keeping you ahead of the curve

 •         Open a troubleshooting request and track every step of the way as we help your user quickly resolve their issue

BYOD Responsibility

Are you ready to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)? With Infolink MMS platform you’re only a few clicks away from BYOD nirvana.

         Allow users to make device purchases with a personal credit card or on the company bill

         With a few clicks move users on or off of your company account

         Enable users to self-manage their devices within policy

         Ensure the proper security on each device before it’s deployed

The Net/Net

Lower carrier bills, less human capital tied up managing mobile devices and more visibility into what you have and how it’s being used.

         Reduce and prevent overspending, regardless of changes in users, devices, usage and plans

                     Improve real-time visibility into who’s using what devices, how much they’re using them, and what they cost the company

         Automate and consolidate all invoice processing for hundreds or thousands of wireless lines and multiple carriers