SaaS TEM Capabilities

Infolink re-engineered the Yourlink Portal to make telecom management as efficient as possible by automating tasks and processes. Coming soon TEM on-demand and true SaaS offerings will be available to meet any business solution and budget. Get the support and management that meets your needs.

The TEM on-Demand will offer the Yourlink SaaS portal that is self-managed that included live Chat will on demand TEM/Client Care support. The Client Care support is billable so use the expertize of Infolink only when you need them.

The SaaS version will be a complete stand-alone TEM software solution. Designed as a TEM tool to allow enterprise to bring TEM in house. The SaaS TEM solution provides a telecom management platform that is easy to use and works with existing AP systems. Our telecom TEM SaaS solutions use a centralized repository for your telecom data and automated reporting tools to ensure that all invoice and provisioning data is received and mapped in an efficient and accurate manner. They are backed by industry-leading service-level agreements (SLAs) as part of our promise to our clients that we will facilitate a sustainable TEM environment in the face of changing telecommunications technology.

Yourlink SaaS is built to meet the TEM needs of enterprises:

Invoice Processing

Utilizing EDI as an invoicing medium represents the significant majority of our clients' volume. All of your Telecom (voice, data, mobility) invoices are electronic and automated. No more paper invoices or carrier portal invoice retrieval– 100% of your invoices are populated in the Yourlink portal.

The Yourlink portal delivers a comprehensive and flexible source to align your staff and its corresponding workflow. Providing real time status and updates on all events within your telecom environment.  Project dates and deliverables are presented in a timeline that shows the lifecycle of the project as it progresses.

The Yourlink portal seamlessly integrates to all AP systems. All account coding is mapped to AP specifications. The coding matrix is visible with in the portal.

*Coding should follow generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Inventory Management

Yourlink will provide a central repository of all telecom services: Voice, Data, Mobility and others

Procurement (MACs)

All change management activities are clearly communicated to the vendor and tracked to completion. Orders (MAC’s) are displayed with detailed updates to show status/progress.

Infolink acts on your behalf between you and the vendor/carrier, ensuring a consistent structure and process for all orders involving voice, data or equipment services.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

One comprehensive, configurable and flexible interface for reports. Offering on demand AdHoc reporting.

Based on user rights and organizational hierarchy; the user interface is fully customizable.

Reports can be named, saved, viewed, scheduled, exported to Excel or HTML, PDF, or auto-distributed.

Vendor/Carrier Management

Manage all Telecom Vendors and Services from a singular database.

Includes contacts, communications, commitments, compliance, disputes, notifications, images, orders, rates, schedules, authorized services, remittance.

TEM SaaS Advantages

Automating Telecom Management (TEM) with the Yourlink Portal allows you to control every aspect of the telecom lifecycle from one application.

The Yourlink Platform delivers:

Automated Workflow

Invoices are received via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Automate GL/Account coding to AP Specifications

Customer-defined workflow for electronic routing and allocation of invoices

Flexible integrations with AP System

Invoice Audit and Validation

Specific audit rules are applied to every invoice to ensure compliance to contract.

Flagged Invoice (disputes) are tracked through to resolution

Inventory and Asset Management

Central repository of all telecom assets with all data points completely searchable

Inventory database configured to your hierarchical structure, terminology and reporting requirement.

Procurement Management

Provisioning for all global telecom vendors and service types

All change management activities are supported (such as move, add, change, upgrade and disconnect)

Real-time updates to inventory, invoice processing, auditing and business intelligence

Vendor/carrier communication via email, XML and/or EDI

Business Intelligence and Analytics

100% Web-based and secure

Detailed reporting specific to roles and hierarchy

Manage expenses, budgets, vendors, contracts, forecasts 

Configurable dashboards unique to each user

Your company can leverage our solutions to:

Maintain and update inventory 

Validate invoices

Track services and orders 

Manager vendors and disputes

Gain visibility over TEM organization-wide

Optimize telecom spending

Drive business intelligence through actionable analytics